Shopping & Sewing


Firstly, thanks for your kind comments on my ‘Hollywood’ outfit.  I am really pleased with it and quite looking forward to the occasion.  I am considering keeping the skirt as well as the top because I am thinking that there could possibly be other occasions for which it will be suitable.  Also, I dislike being cold and it can be quite difficult to be warm and glamorous so this would definitely fit the bill.  I could even add leggings under the skirt.

I am not keen on shopping but sometimes it has to be done, so yesterday we made a bit of a pilgrimage to a couple of the larger shopping centres which are about 30 minutes drive from where we live.  I won’t bore you with all of the details but I did manage to buy this piece of fabric at Spotlight.  I will make a camisole to go under the black top of my Hollywood outfit.


While I was at Spotlight I also bought a round plastic tablecloth.  It was reduced in price and I had a discount voucher so ended up being priced at $5.70.  It is to go on a plastic outdoor table that previously belonged to my mother.  I wanted a permanent cover on the table so I decided to cut it a bit bigger than the table and attach elastic to the outer edge.

Here is the piece I cut off the cloth.Excess tablecloth
Coincidentally, there is a discount clothing store in the same complex as Spotlight and The Duke bought some new underwear and discarded several pairs that were looking the worse for wear.  I salvaged the elastic and used that to attach to the plastic cloth.

Elastic on cloth

Here is the finished article on the table – and no sign of the Bonds underwear elastic!

New table cover

8 thoughts on “Shopping & Sewing

    • Thanks, Alexa. I had the idea of making the elasticised cover and The Duke conveniently decided to retire some of his old underwear the same day so it was perfect to be able to use the strong elastic.

  1. Oh my – just like my mother! All our outdoor tables get a ‘permanent’ cloth that’s elasticised! You two must be cut from the same cloth :p

    Nice work reusing the bonds elastic… I love mending more than anything, and have darned the BF’s boxers, as well as added ‘helper’ new elastic to lengthen the life. Given he hates shopping, he doesn’t mind my attempts. And it makes me SO happy. I also have darned socks 😀

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