Christmas is Coming


Well, I am not sure about the “goose getting fat” as described in the traditional nursery rhyme but I do know that it is less than 12 weeks until Christmas.

Are you one of those people who can smugly say at the beginning of October that they have finished the Christmas shopping, have the menu planned and the fruit is soaking ready to make the cake and pudding?

I have done some Christmas preparation but not in the traditional sense.  We will be travelling to Melbourne to share Christmas with our younger daughter so last week I booked flights and accommodation for the trip.

Finding flights was relatively easy as I just needed to find the best-priced fares that fitted in to the dates and times we wanted to travel.  I checked out numerous accommodation options before settling on this one which I found on Air BnB.  We are looking forward to spending a relaxing week near the beach as well as being close to shops and public transport.  We will be able to create and share a festive meal and valuable time with our family.

I will not be doing much else until closer to the time.

What are your priorities for Christmas preparations?  Have you started making plans or preparations?


2 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. I have begun to make plans. Since Christmas will be at my home and my son, his family and his father (my ex) will be staying with me I have part of my meal planned. I froze a decent sized bag of peaches to make a nice warm cobbler for Christmas morning. My gifts are almost all bought as well. I usually do this early as once it gets cold and the snow starts to fly I am not able to get out and about as easily.

    What a lovely way to spend your Christmas, my travel comes on Thanksgiving when I stay with my son each year.

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