Slow Living – July


Yes, it is the end of the month again and time for a round up of the slow-living activities.

However, I am sorry that I have to let you know that I will no longer be continuing with this series of posts.

I have tried really hard for 6 months to get into the swing of writing these posts but it simply does not work for me.  A couple of days before the end of the month I actually start worrying about what I am going to write and whether I can manage to complete the task.  I have decided that this is not useful for me and I would rather continue to be a free spirit and write as and when the mood takes me.  Just like real life, some days I have lots of topics and other days I scratch around for something useful to say.

It is not farewell from striving to live slowly and simply but rather it is simply that I will no longer be participating in this project.

Please drop in to Christine’s blog and check out the fabulous blogs that are written by people who are more disciplined than me.

10 thoughts on “Slow Living – July

  1. No point in putting yourself under pressure Fairy. I think blogging should be a pleasure not a pressure, a place to be creative and enjoy the writing. My thoughts anyway.
    Thank you for the link to Christine’s blog. Have a great weekend.
    P.S. It’s a lovely Friday morning here in Brisbane and if it’s the same tomorrow you’ll be able to lay another brick!

  2. Hi – I came over from Frugal Queen’s blog to thank you for the tip on adding skim milk powder to milk to substitute for cream, and to let you know that if you’re interested, I left a reply to your comment there, with a recipe for a rice crust (you mentioned trying a substitute for a flour crust as you are cooking gluten-free). Cheers!

    • Hi Jo

      Glad the tip was useful. I will definitely try the rice crust, too. Hope you will keep reading here. You might like to check out some of the other recipes. 🙂

  3. Go with what you need to do…. I love reading all the other things you do, a monthly wrap up isn’t necessary at all unless YOU get something out of it. 🙂

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Sharynne. I don’t want to sound smart but I think one of the problems was that I felt as though I was going over what I had already written during the month.

  4. I too decided not to follow this project as the categories didn’t seem to mesh well with my life. I found what I spent a lot of time on took up basically one category so I turned that into a monthly post independent of any other bloggers. If you felt pressure then you shouldn’t do it.

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