Owl or Fowl


Are you an ‘owl’ (night person) or ‘fowl’ (morning person)?  I am definitely a fowl.  I generally get up at 5am to leave for work by 5.40am but even if I have no specific commitments I am often out of bed and rearing to go well before 7am.

It is so much more efficient to plan your day so that you get the maximum benefit from your prime time.  I can achieve more in 30 minutes in the morning than I can in 3 hours of an evening.

This evening is an excellent example – there is a basket of clean clothes to fold, some ironing to do, sewing to work on as well as sweeping and mopping floors.  I will not be doing any of it tonight but once I have had about 8 hours sleep it will be finished in less than an hour.

When do you do your best work?  Do you have different times for different activities?  How do you structure you day and what needs doing?

3 thoughts on “Owl or Fowl

  1. Fowl here lol My work day for so many years was night shift on the lonely roads of America man did I feel like I missed so much though I did have fun still.

    Then I went from nights to 2:00 AM alarms and worked till 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM
    15 years those were my hours 6 to 7 days a week unless my rig was in the shop 🙂

    Now I am a 5 AM person and tired by 10 PM LIFE IS GOOD my camera would not pick up much if I was in the DARK lol


  2. I’m an owl. My best hours start at 10pm when I’m most alert and filled with energy to get on things. It’s hard to fit in with the schedule my body wants to live as I’d go to bed around 6am and get up at noon. You can’t live that way in this society. So I do what I can to get in bed between midnight and 2 am just so I can get up earlier but I hate the morning.

  3. Another owl here. I do envy the productive mornings that fowls seem to have, although I know it’s really about making the most of either one, owl or fowl. Even though I’m an owl I don’t like to do lots of mentally challenging work in the evenings (nor housework!), but more relax and catch up on pottering jobs, read, play music, maybe watch a favourite TV show, nice calming stuff. My prime “on” time is mid-morning which is when I like to really get stuck into the main activities for the day.

    I have a question for fowls though – when you wake up in the morning are you really fully awake and raring to go when you wake up? And how do you do that?!

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