Creative Play

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Today I want to share a tried and true toy with you.

Construction set
This is a construction set which my parents bought when Belle and Missy were young.  They enjoyed creating things with it and the set was used by other children as well.

When my mother was downsizing a couple of years ago, I brought it home.  Last year I brought it out for Miss O and Izz.  It has been really interesting to see how their use of the pieces has developed and increased in complexity over that time.  They love this set and it is almost the first thing they ask for when they come to visit.

Packed in a box
It packs away easily into a masonite box and I keep it in the wardrobe in my sewing room.

This set is about 25 years old and was made not far from where we live.  I suspect that it is no longer produced, however, it is a very simple principle and one that you could do yourself.

Instruction sheet
This is the instruction/ideas sheet which is very fragile and unfortunately was ripped by a bit of juvenile enthusiasm.

There are many simple, self-directed play ideas which are valuable for pre-school children.

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