Badges, Blankets & Babysitting


I have finished, albeit temporarily, a long-term project.  The last badges are sewn on two camp blankets.  They were begun about 20 years ago and belonged to Belle and Missy.  The badges were mostly souvenirs of our travels as well as some that friends and relatives sent to them from far-flung places.

The girls grew up and left home and the last 15 or so badges languished in a container in my sewing room.  Recently, I located the blankets when I was decluttering the wardrobe and after consultation with the original owners they will now be passed on to Miss O and Izz.

I was inspired to finish sewing the remaining badges onto the blankets.

And here is a close-up.

As you can see there is plenty of space for more badges so I will probably start on the merry-go-round again, starting with our upcoming trip.

I am currently looking after my grand-daughters for a few days while Belle is away so when we go home tomorrow I will be able to show them the blankets and try to explain the significance of them.  I expect they will be a welcome addition to their bedding as it is currently quite cold at our place.

4 thoughts on “Badges, Blankets & Babysitting

  1. Love the camp blanket. When my daghter was in Brownies we started one and cut a hole in the middle so that she could wear it at camp. We stitched on all her swimming badges and any doubles of her brownie badges and now some of her guide badges. We are also stitching on some travel badges but are very hard to come by here in England, I’m wondering if they are not fashionable anymore. We can get the pin ones but they’re not the same.
    I wonder, will you get the job of stitching the g’childrens badges onto they’re new blanket?

    • Have fun stitching them on! I did all mine by hand but there is no reason why you can’t use a sewing machine – would get the job done quicker and something else moved along.

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